Student Athlete Spotlight – Dylan O’Dell

Student Athlete Spotlight – Dylan O’Dell

Name: Dylan O'Dell

Sport: Golf  

From: Forest City, PA 

High School: Forest City Regional High School

Major: Business


Why did you choose to attend Lackawanna?

I chose Lackawanna because I wanted to play golf at the collegiate level and have a great experience.


What is your major and why did you choose this major?

My major is business, and I picked this major because I want to eventually take over my family business.


What is your favorite course at Lackawanna?

Math is my favorite course, I am good at it and enjoy working with numbers.


What are your plans for after Lackawanna?

After I graduate from Lackawanna College, I want to move onto a 4- year school and play golf for an NCAA school.


What are you most looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to playing on different golf courses and hopefully making it to Nationals!


What would be your advice to future student athletes who are considering coming to Lackawanna College?

My advice for a college athlete coming to Lackawanna is to stay on top of your academics, Lackawanna offers different resources such as math tutoring center, writing center, academic success coach to help you succeed. Give 100% in school and your athletics. 


Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Mexican 

Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle

Favorite Movie: Dark Knight

Favorite TV Show: Impractical Jokers 

Favorite Singer: Migos

Favorite Athlete: Lebron James 

Favorite Hobbies:  Golf

Worst Fear: Heights