Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/25/19

Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/25/19

(Scranton, PA) – Lackawanna College Esports competed in the first round of the Overwatch Varsity League Playoffs this past week and a League of Legends regular season matchup against New Jersey Institute of Technology. The Falcons were defeated by Lebanon Valley College in Overwatch 3-0 but Lackawanna picked up a win in LoL against NJIT 2-1. The Falcons' record in League of Legends sits at 2-3.


vs. Lebanon Valley College (Best of 3)

In the last match of the Overwatch Varsity League regular season, the Falcons put on a show that illustrated the growth of the team over the past season. The Falcons were team wiped early in the match, but were able to show their ability to adapt as they were able to make a solid push and capture the objective on Lijang Tower. The Dutchmen showed their experience as a unit later in the match and pushed the Falcons back and take the round. Dutchmen led 1-0.

In the second round on Kings' Row, the Falcons made a valiant push to acquire two and half ticks of the objective against a stronger and more experienced team. Unfortunately, the Dutchmen were able to regain the advantage and take the match. Dutchmen win 2-0.

Golds held by the Falcons: Krypt - Gold in Eliminations, Objective Eliminations, and Damage - Norainu - Gold in Eliminations - Surge - Gold in Healing, and Objective Time

vs. Lebanon Valley College (Best of 5)

The Falcons were defeated in the first round of the Overwatch Varsity League Playoffs by number 3 ranked Lebanon Valley College in a best of 5 match on Saturday February 23rd. The first Map of the Match took place on Lijang Tower, a map that the Falcons struggled with against LVC during the last match of the regular season. This time however, the Falcons showed a vast improvement after studying their past defeat. The entire round was a tug of war between the Falcons and LVC, with the point changing hands multiple times. LVC eventually took the round after a devastating team wipe in overtime. LVC led 1-0.

The Second map took place on Kings Row. Previously the Falcons were held on this map by LVC, and were not able to capture the payload. This time around the Falcons pushed hard and were able to wipe LVC off the map to start the payload. Lackawanna was held just before the first checkpoint. At the turn, LVC pushed the payload slowly, but steadily to match the Falcons progress and took the round. LVC leads 2-0.

It all came down to Voslkaya Industries, a new map for both teams. LVC changed it up and threw expert use of the dreaded pharmacy strategy. The Falcons were stopped short the first chokepoint, which meant that LVC just needed to push to the first point after the turn. Knowing this, LVC threw caution to the wind, and put surprise pressure on the Falcons defenses, using a strategy that the Falcons weren't prepared for. At the end LVC walked away with the round and the match. LVC wins 3-0.

Golds Held by Falcons: Twidger and Surge tied for Healing - Moose - Objective Time - Norainu - Hero Damage - Krypt - Hero Eliminations, Objective Eliminations, Objective Time, and Hero Damage - West - Gold Eliminations and Damage

League of Legends

Vs New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) (Best of 3)

Lackawanna College defeated NJIT 2-1 in a drawn out match. This win gives the Falcons a 2-3 Collegiate League of Legends record.

Game 1 

Going against their Zac was frustrating for the Falcons. He was always there to counter Gank during the game. An early lead helped the NJIT team a lot down the stretch. The Falcons choose bad fights and failed to focus Jinx throughout the 35 minutes of the first game. NJIT had a harder engage than Lackawanna which ultimately caused the Falcons to lose their team fights. NJIT led 1-0.

Game 2 

The Falcons used objective control to win game 2 by trading objectives. Lackawanna was able to split push more and distract their team from defending their base. With Peter Nguyen (I am Pedro) playing as Sona, he was able to help protect the team more by stopping the enemies in their tracks with his ultimate stun. Even though Lackawanna was behind, the team was depended on TJ Ogletree (Aster), playing as Yorick, to split push lanes to win the game. The team observed during the match that NJIT were not rotating to different lanes effectively so the team captain Justin Madison (Scrub), playing as Udyr, took advantage and was able to take 2 inhibitors into the enemy base by himself. The NJIT team was at dragon and focused on that, rather than engaging the Falcons.  Lackawanna killed 3 of them, which lead to the team destroying two more inhibitors, killing Baron Nashor and finally the nexus in their base for their first victory. Match is tied 1-1.

Game 3

The team's main focus was to drag out the team fights so Aster or Scrub could take their inhibitors and towers. The Falcons won a team fight near the end of the game letting them take the nexus towers. The biggest play of the game was when Scrub put a ward right next to their nexus the moment he died and the opposing team did not see it. After the Falcons lost the fight in base, NJIT pushed lanes in hope to gain something from the victory. Aster then teleported to the ward, Scrub placed in their base and ended the game by focusing down the nexus for the most intense and exciting victory for the team to date. Lackawanna College defeated New Jersey Institute of Technology 2-1.

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