Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/19/19

Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/19/19

(Scranton, PA) – Lackawanna Esports competed this past week in 4 Overwatch matches and 1 League of Legends match. The Falcons defeated Randolph-Macon College 2-1 in Overwatch but dropped their next 3 matches to East Coast Polytechnic Institute University, Roger Williams University, and Penn State. The Falcons also lost their League of Legends match 2-1 against Wentworth Institute of Technology. Lackawanna's Overwatch record in the Tespa League now sits at 3-10 while their record in the Collegiate League of Legends record rests at 1-3.

Overwatch Matches

Vs. Randolph-Macon College

The Falcons and the Yellow Jacket faced off Monday in a best of 3 match during week 4 of the Tespa Varsity League. Map one was Nepal where the falcons captured the first point while only giving up 68% to the Yellow Jackets. On the Second Point, the Falcons dominated by capturing 100% without giving up possession to the Yellow Jackets and grabbing the first win of the match. Falcons lead 1-0.

Golds Held by the Falcons: Surge - 9,700 points of Healing, Moose - 30 Eliminations and 19 Objective Eliminations, Krypt - 2:08 Objective Time and 13,831 Points of Damage

The Second Fight took place on King's Row where the Falcons had a tremendous push, reaching the final objective point with over 3:00 minutes left on the clock. When sides switched, the Yellow Jackets were also able to push the payload to the final objective but only after pushing the clock into overtime. The match came down to a final round, the Falcons only needed to obtain a single tick on the first capture point. They achieved it with plenty of time to spare, securing them the second win for the match and the game. Falcons win 2-0.

Golds Held by the Falcons: Surge - 15,289 points of Healing, West - 45 Eliminations, Krypt - 19,021 Points of Damage

vs East Coast Polytechnic Institute University

The Falcons were locked into a tough fight against the East Coast Polytechnic Institute University Rams on Sunday. The first game took place on Numbani where the Falcons took the point early after winning the first team fight. However, the Rams rallied and were able to take the point back after taking out the Falcons healers, leaving the them with no way of retaining their hit points. The Rams held the point for the rest of the round and took the first map. Rams lead 1-0.

The second round was on Numbani where the Falcons attacked first, but were held to the first tick of the capture point. The Rams defense was strong and was able to acquire ultimates quickly and win several team fights. Upon switching sides, the Rams dove the point and focused the Falcons healers again, knowing that a quick team wipe would assure them the win. Unfortunately for the Falcons the Rams gamble paid off and the Rams took the second match and the game 2-0.

Golds held by Falcons: Moose - 16 eliminations, Norainu - 9 eliminations, 6 objective,   eliminations, and 1:30 objective time, Twidger - 7,471 points of Healing

vs Roger Williams University

The first round took place on Eichanwalde. The Falcons were able to grab the payload with a crushing team wipe, but were stopped just prior to the first checkpoint. The Hawks, upon switching sides, were able to meet the distance pushed and take the first round. Hawks lead 1-0.

The second round, took place on Lijang Tower, the Hawks took the point fast and furiously. They were able to repel the Falcons back to their spawn, while the Falcons were able to grab the point and capture about 25%. The Hawks regrouped and pushed back to take the round and the game. Hawks win 2-0

Golds Held by Falcons: Twidger - 3 objective eliminations and 8,512 points of healing

vs Penn State

The first match took place on Junkertown, where the Falcons on attacked. They had a heroic push to within 4 meters of the final objective, but were stopped from reaching the ultimate endpoint by Penn State. Once sides switched, Penn State flipped their strategy. The Falcons struggled to adapt and as a result had trouble holding Penn state back from achieving the same distance. Penn State lead 1-0.

The Second Match, on Volkstaya Industries, Penn State attacked first, quickly capturing both objectives after a devastating team wipe early in the round. Once sides changed, the Falcons came close to capturing the objective, but were unable to grab the win. Penn State won 2-0.

Golds Held by Falcons: Moose - 26 eliminations, 9,000 points of damage, Surge - 10,500 points of healing and 5:30 objective time

League of Legends

vs Wentworth Institute of Technology

The other team went for Baron after they had just lost a team fight. Brian Nguyen knew they could win this fight again. He waited for our Vi to rush in, so he can put his Ori ball on her to do our ultimate combo.  It worked Perfectly. Briand was able to ultimate 3 of their players with the Ori, and the rest of our team was able to pick them off fairly easy.

Another fight at baron pit, our main objective was to take baron while keeping Nunu out of the pit. Unfortunately, Nunu manage to get into the Baron pit and steal the baron but with Nunu's aggressive action his team followed his lead and jumped into the fight to assist him. Their team clumped up to help Nunu which let Brian ultimate, pulling them all together, while Alex used his ultimate and shredded the now clustered enemy team.

In the final game of the night's match the enemy team chose a line up full of damage dealers and their Zoe was the Achilles heel for our team. Falcons lost 2-1.

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