Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/11/19

Lackawanna Esports Weekly Wrap: 2/11/19

(Scranton, PA) – Lackawanna Esports held Overwatch matches with Northern Virginia Community College, Gonzaga University, and Slippery Rock University this week. Unfortunately, the Falcons dropped all 3 matches. The Falcons also held a League of Legends match but Colgate University forfeited due to scheduling conflicts. Lackawanna's Tespa Overwatch record sits at 2-7, while the Collegiate League of Legends record increased to 1-2.


2/6/19 vs Northern Virginia Community College

 Ilios was the setting for the first fight with NVCC. Moose held gold damage during his first game with 6K as Hammond Surge and held gold healing with 5K as Lucio. Taryn held gold in eliminations as Reaper. Lackawanna failed to capture the first point. Numbani was the 2nd map where the Falcons where held down again by NVCC. Northern Virginia CC won the match.

Golds held by Falcons: Krypt held gold objective eliminations and objective time. Reinhardt Surge held gold in healing with 4k and Lucio West held gold in damage and eliminations as Widow and Hanzo.

2/10/19 vs. Gonzaga University

The Falcons and the Gonzaga Green Team clashed in a best of 3 match on Sunday. Blizzard World was the first map. The Falcons offensively pushed the payload to within 1 meter of the final objective, only to be stonewalled at the very end by Gonzaga. The fight went into overtime, but the Falcons were unable to push it home. After the side switch, Gonzaga was able meet the distance pushed, but not before the Falcons were able to achieve multiple team kills. 

Golds held by Falcons: Norainu - 23 eliminations and 12,700 points of damage, Surge - 13,200 points of healing

On the second Map, Oasis, the Falcons and The Green Team clashed. Both teams captured the objective from each other in the first round. The Falcons were able to push the point to 78%, but the Green team came back to fully capture the objective in the end. In the second round, both teams were able to push the objective to 99% with the Falcons getting the final possession and pushing the timer into overtime. However, The Green Team was able to execute a devastating team wipe, after using all of their ultimates at once. They captured the objective and won the match.

Golds held by the Falcons: Twidger - 11,900 points of healing, Moose - 13 objective Eliminations, Krypt - 2:27 Objective Time, West - 12 Eliminations and 9,500 points of damage

2/10/19 vs. Slippery Rock University

The Falcons and the Boozel Boys went head to head in a best of 3 match. Rialto, was the first map, where the Falcons pushed the payload to the second choke but were held back by the Boozel Boys. Slippery rock took it just as far once sides switched.

Golds Held by the Falcons: Twidger - 21 Eliminations, 14 objective kills, and 11900 Healing as Moira, Krypt - 21 Eliminations and 8,797 points of damage 

The second map was on Temple of Anubis where the Boozle Boys maintained a successful push to capture both objectives. Once the sides switch, the Falcons had a fantastic first capture of the first objective in the first minute of play, but were held to a single tick on the second objective. This allowed the Boozel Boys to take the match.

Golds held by Falcons: Twidger - 12,495 Points of Healing, West - 11 Eliminations and 5175 Points of damage

League of Legends

2/9/19 vs Colgate University – Colgate no showed due to scheduling conflicts, Lackawanna won by forfeit 2-0.

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