Lackawanna Esports Falls to Harvard in LOL 2-1, Starts 2-4 in Overwatch Tespa League

Lackawanna Esports Falls to Harvard in LOL 2-1, Starts 2-4 in Overwatch Tespa League

(Scranton, PA) – Lackawanna Esports competed in Overwatch and League of Legends this past weekend. The Overwatch team lost their matches to Shenandoah University and Northwest Christian University. They were scheduled to play the Pennsylvania College of Technology but the match was listed as a no show for PCT. Lackawanna's Overwatch record in the Tespa Collegiate Championship now stands at 2-4.  Lackawanna League of Legends squared off against Harvard University, losing 2-1 in a close match. The Falcons record in the Collegiate League of Legends Tournament sits at 0-2.


Shenandoah University Match - The Falcons were defeated in the second round after a late push. The squad fell just short of the final point on Numbani. Taran Walsh running Reaper attained gold in objective eliminations with 12 while Jason Lester achieved Gold in healing with 9,990 points of health dealt out to his teammates. 

Northwest Christian University Match - Going into a match against a top 500 in the world team, the Falcons put up a valiant effort. They took the NCU Beacons to the last minute on Numbani, and pushed hard against the capture point on Busan, but the Beacons pulled out in the end. 

Pennsylvania College of Technology - No Show 

League of Legends

Harvard University Match - In the first game of the match TJ Ogletree pushed bottom lane to destroy the towers guarding the enemy team's nexus while the Harvard squad was distracted with the rest of the team.  The Falcons had a late game defense that resulted in the other team's death and a push down mid lane to destroy the nexus capped the first win. The Falcons would fight hard against Harvard in the next two games but Harvard came back to win 2-1.

"This weekend our Overwatch and League of Legends squads showed tremendous improvement. The LoL matchup vs. Harvard was highly anticipated for us. Coach Adam and his team prepared heavily. While we ultimately lost the best out of 3 match-up, we pulled off a great victory in the first game and our players were ecstatic. The OW squad moves to 2-4 after this weekend's matches. We have a late addition to our team and we hope to get more W's. Our goal is to constantly improve our teamwork and gameplay. I believe we are doing just that." – Head Coach Teddy Delaney

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