Assistant Volleyball Coach Tyler Pittsman uses experience at Lackawanna to prepare for future

Assistant Volleyball Coach Tyler Pittsman uses experience at Lackawanna to prepare for future

Assistant Volleyball Coach Tyler Pittsman spoke with Lackawanna College's Joya Whittington to discuss why he came to Lackawanna College and how he is using his experience at Lackawanna to prepare for the future. The following is a recap of that discussion.

How did you get here?

- I was originally drawn to the school for their sonography program after a year at the University of Scranton. I really liked the close knit environment that Lackawanna had to offer, and the great people who work at the school. Those College qualities were very difficult to come across in comparing Lackawanna to the other schools I was interested in attending. I changed my major in the spring of 2017 to accounting because it has always been my dream to do something in the business field. The school really helped in my transition between majors, which proved to me that I definitely made the right decision in choosing Lackawanna.

How did you start coaching?

- My high school coach, Jud Holdredge, always said that he wanted all of us to grow up and be coaches one day. His belief in our teaching and leadership abilities planted a seed within me. I spent a year as the student assistant coach for the University of Scranton's women's volleyball team. That opportunity inspired my desire to coach. I loved the environment, responsibility, and being on the other side of the game. The athletic department at Lackawanna reached out to me after hearing about my coaching experience at the University of Scranton, and they presented me an opportunity that I could not turn down.

How has coaching and being a full time student helped prepare you for the next step/future?

- It has helped me with my time management. Initially, I thought it would be no different from being a student athlete, which is something that I have been use to my entire life. However, there is so much more to coaching than I thought. During the season, it is similar to having a full time job, with recruiting, practices, games, and tournaments and all of the administrative duties that are required. Mix thos obligations with my academic requirements and life becomes very busy. It has given me the ability to balance more than one task at a time and plan effectively.

What has coach Hummer taught you?

- Coaching with Coach Hummer has definitely been a learning experience for me. I am a very emotional player and coach. Throughout my playing career, my coaches were always very strict, stern, and were not afraid to get in your face and scream at you for making a mistake. As a result, I adopted that same style when it came to coaching. However, Jim is very mild mannered, which is great, because it has taught me that raising your voice and loudly critizing a player doesn't alway make them play better. He has definitely showed me a different side of coaching that has helped me become a more well-rounded coach.