Lackawanna Tennis falls to Northampton

Scranton, PA: Saturday afternoon, the Lackawanna College tennis team fell to Northampton Community College 8-1 . Brittney Mecca showed poise and powerful serving to score Lackawanna's only point in a 6-4 , 6-4 win against Northampton Community College's Mackenzie Gaffrey. 

In double matches Darcy Warner-Brittney Mecca (LC) lost to Erin Volutza-Macinzie Gaffrey (NCC), 0-8, while Emily Duffy-Lauren Leppo (LC) was beaten Emily Borger-Corrine Hinton (NCC), 1-8.

In the singles, Darci Warner (LC) lost to Erin Volutza (NCC) 0-6,0-6; Brittney Mecca (LC) beat Macinzie Gaffrey (NCC) 6-4,6-4; Emily Duffy (LC) fell to Emily Borger (NCC) 0-6,2-6; Lauren Leppo (LC) was defeated by Corrine Hinton (NCC) 0-6,1-6; Kara Voyton (LC) was beaten by Sara Mass 1-6,1-6 (NCC)

Lackawanna returns to the court on Wednesday when they host Mercer County Community College at Scranton Prep's Loyola Complex. Wednesday's matches start at 3:30.