A profile of a Lackawanna College Soccer Player

A profile of a Lackawanna College Soccer Player

Mackenzie McAndrew is a sophomore student athlete at Lackawanna College, a resident of Scranton, Pennsylvania and a 2015 graduate of Scranton High School. This past season she served as captain of the Women's Soccer Team and is presently a member of the Women's Basketball Team. She is a sports management major and has a desire to be a coach.

McAndrew personifies the typical Lackawanna College student in that she has grown and matured in the College's close knit family of students, faculty, and administrators.

A perfect example of the type of person that she has become is best illustrated by her reaction to this year's soccer season. She said, "It's funny, this year I experienced the frustration and aggravation of losing but through those feelings I found myself growing closer to my teammates. In fact, although I have played on teams that were more successful, I never felt the closeness that I felt to the players on this team. We were a family! I know that the other members of our team felt the same since we all hung out together during and after the season and supported each other in whatever ways we could."

McAndrew added, "Although I am a sophomore and I have used up my participation eligibility, I want to stay active with the program to help my teammates to prepare for success next year.

Asked about her involvement with Lackawanna's women's basketball program, Mackenzie said, "basketball is my favorite sport, not necessarily my best sport, I love the pace and structure of the game; and  I am learning more about the game itself and the art of coaching from Coach Whittington. Coach really knows her basketball!"

McAndrew is undecided as to her future plans after her graduation from Lackawanna, but does know it will involve sports.