Former Falcons Await NFL Draft

Former Falcons Await NFL Draft

Thursday, April 30 looks to be an exciting start of a thrilling stretch of time for the extended Lackawanna College community.

The NFL Draft begins that night and will continue through May 2nd, with Thursday's picks limited to the league's first round selections. Alumnus Kevin White, who transferred from Lackawanna to West Virginia University, is expected to be drafted during that first round as a top 10 draft pick. Part of Kevin's story regarding his journey from Lackawanna to the NFL Draft is expected by be shared on the NFL Network Thursday afternoon, between 3 and 4 p.m., as part of their lead up to main event that evening. The NFL Network visited campus earlier this month to speak with Coach Mark Duda, discuss Kevin's path through junior college to a standout Division I wide receiver, and even visit the Falcons' indoor practice space at Riverfront Sports.

If predictions ring true, Kevin would be the second player in the College's history to be selected in the first round of the draft. The first was Bryant McKinnie, who was picked seventh overall in the 2002 draft and played for the Minnesota.

Another former Falcon is also expected to be selected by an NFL team before the draft is over. Mark Glowinski, who also transferred to WVU, is an offensive lineman / guard with high hopes for the draft.  If he gets the call, he will be the third former Falcons to be selected by a NFL team in last two drafts. Last year Lorenzo Taliaferro was selected by the Baltimore Ravens.

Over the next day, White's path to the draft will also be the focus of a story on WNEP. The local television station is visiting campus this afternoon to interview Coach Duda.

The College will share both the NFL presentation and the WNEP story online if and when they become available.

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You can also follow each pick of the NFL Draft tonight on the NFL Network or ESPN; or, online at either of the following links, / .